Dr. Catherine Waithera Ndung’u

Dr. Catherine Waithera Ndung’u is a Lecturer of English language at Karatina University.
Area of specialization is English language in the school of Education and Social Sciences.

Postal address
school of Education and Social Sciences - Department of Languages
Karatina University

P.O. Box 1957 - 10101, KARATINA, KENYA.
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Doctor  of Philosophy(PhD) in English Language Education, Moi University, February 2013.
    + Dissertation “Pedagogical Strategies for  English Language Literacy  in Deaf  Schools: A  Study  of  Selected  Deaf  Schools  in Central Region  of  Kenya”
  • Master  of Arts  in  English  and  Linguistics, Kenyatta University, December  2007.
    + Thesis “ Phonological Variability  in  the  Spoken Gikuyu  of  Kamba  Traders: A Case Study  of  Thika  Town”
  • Bachelor  of  Education (Special)( Second Class  Honors, Upper Division) in  English  and  Special  Needs, Kenyatta  University, December  2004.
  • Primary  Teacher  Education  ( Certificate), Kaimosi Teachers  Training  College, 1987-1989.
  • Kenya  Certificate  of  Secondary  Education(K.C.S.E),  Second Division, Naivasha  Girls Secondary School, 1985.
  • Certificate  of  Primary  Education, 29 points, Mumoi  Primary  School, 1981.

Sept 2013 - to  date:   teaching  English  Subject Methods  courses at Karatina  University.
May 2011– August  2013: Teaching  English  Language  courses  at  Mount  Kenya  University.
2009 - 2011: Taught  as  a  part- time  Lecturer  at Kenyatta  University (Kitui and Nakuru  Campuses), Jomo Kenyatta  University  of  Agriculture  and Technology ( main  campus), Mount  Kenya  University (main  campus).
2008-2011 May: Assessing  learners  with  Special  Needs.
2005 – 2007: Teaching  special  needs  learners  ( mentally  handicapped)
1989 – 2001: Teaching regular  learners in  Primary  Schools  

I am  a member  of a  professional  body  referred  to  as Association of English Language Educators and Researchers  (ASELER).
1. Have  published  a paper titled ‘ A Preliminary Exploration  of  the  Rural-Urban Differential  in Language and Speech Development among Children with Down’s Syndrome’  with  Journal  of  Language, Technology  and Entreprenuership  in  Africa (JOLTE). www.ajol.info/index.php/jolte/article/view/61523

2. Have  published a  book titled ‘Phonological Variability  in  the  Gikuyu  Spoken  By  Kamba Traders’. Now  in  the  market. www.amazon.com/Phonological-Variation-Gikuyu-Language-District/dp/3659156957

3. Have  a book  chapter  titled ‘Translation  in  a  Globalized  World’  published  in ‘Contemporary Perspectives  in  Language, Culture  and  Translation: Theory, Pedagogy and  Practice’.  ISBN  978-9966- 1572-9-4

4. ‘English  Language  Literacy  for  Deaf  Learners  in  Kenya’    paper  published  in  a  book  titled  ‘Mount Kenya  University First International Research and Innovation Conference : Book  of  Proceedings’. Page  57

5. Paper titled ‘ Pedagogical Strategies  for English Language  Literacy  in Deaf  Schools: A  Study  of  Selected  Deaf  Primary  Schools  in  Central  Region  of  Kenya’.

6. Chapter  14, titled ‘Teacher  Preparation  for Inclusive  Practise’  in  a  book  titled ‘ Reflecting  on Teacher  Preparation  in  Kenya’


  • Participated  in  an  International  Conference  on  ‘BILINGUALISM’ held  in  Kenyatta University in July  2010.
  • Presented  a paper  titled ‘English  Language  Literacy  for  Deaf  Learners  in  Kenya’ on  August 28-30, 2013  in  an International  Conference at  Safari  Park Hotel, Nairobi, organized  by  Mount  Kenya  University.
  • Presented  a  paper titled ‘Impact  of  Organization and  Presentation  of English  Language  Learning Materials  of  Deaf  Learners in Central Region of Kenya’  on   24th-27th September 2013  at  Moi  University, Eldoret.
  • Presented  two  papers  in  ‘International  Conference  on  African  Languages  and Literatures  in  the  21st  Century’ held  at  Kenyatta  University  on  6th-8th  August  2014  titled; 1. The  Influence  of  Technology  on  the use  of  African  Languages; 2.Importance  of  African  Languages  to  the  Deaf.
  • Presented  a  paper in   Association  of English Language  Educators (ASELER) held  at  Moi  University, Eldoret  between 27th-30th  October  2015, titled  ‘ Challenges of Developing English Language Primary  Teachers  for  the Deaf  in  Kenya’
  • Presented  a  paper  in   African Urban  Youth  Languages(AUYL) International  Conference  held  at  Kenyatta University  between 11th- 13th  December  2015, titled  ‘Effects  of  Emerging  Youth Languages  on  the  Education  of  the Intellectually  Challenged  (I.C) in Kenya.
  • Participated  in a workshop at  Karatina  University on “Pedagogical  Induction” between 6th -8th  January  2016.