Prof. John M. Mwaruvie

Prof. John M. Mwaruvie is an Associate Professor at Karatina University.

He is also the Dean school of Education and Social Sciences.

Postal address
School of Education and Social Sciences 
Karatina University

P.O. Box 1957 - 10101, KARATINA, KENYA.
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2005:                                       Ph.D. West Virginia University
1992:                                       M.Phil. Moi University
1985:                                       BA (Hons) History and Government-University of Nairobi


Associate Professor (History) Karatina University March 2013 to present
Senior Lecturer Karatina University College January 2011-March 2013
Senior Lecturer: Moi University, February 2009 – 2010
Lecturer – Moi University 1993 to 2009
Tutorial Fellow – Moi University 1992 – 1993
Graduate Assistant-Moi University from September 4, 1991-1992
Graduate Teaching Assistant, West Virginia University 2001-2005


Dean, School of Education and Social Sciences, Karatina University January 2011 to date
Head, History, Political Science and Public Administration – August 2007 to December 2010.
Coordinator Africana Studies, West Virginia University, August 2005 to May 2006
Graduate Teaching Assistant 2001-2005 West Virginia University


2004/2005 Researched on “The Political Economy of Railway Extensions in Kenya:
The case of the Uasin Gishu Railway, 1901-1930.” Ph.D Dissertation (Morgantown: West Virginia University, 2005).

1990 – 1991 – Researched on “An Economic History of Mbeere (Siakago Divison) 1500-1914, “for M.Phil Thesis. (Eldoret: Moi University, 2001).

Researched an article in AFAR Conflict Management in Post election period in Rift Valley and Published an article in AFAR (2008)


Comparing Mau Mau freedom struggle with Irish Republican Army in 1950s” Collaborative research with Bob White UIPUI Mapping of Mau Mau Heritage cites in Nyeri County in collaboration with National Museaum of Kenya


John Mwaruvie “ Determining Value of Commodities Among The Mbeere Community In Pre-Colonial Kenya,” International Journal of Business and Social Science. Vol.3 No. 21; November 2012.

 John Mwaruvie, “Malnutrition, Poor housing and Disease: The woes of Tanganyika Migrant Laborers during the Construction of the Uasin Gishu Railway, 1922-1923” in International Journal of Current Research. Vol.4 (April) 2012.

 Peter Kirui and Dr John Mwaruvie “Dilemma of Hosting Refugees; Focus on Insecurity in Northern Kenya,” in International Journal of Business and Social Science. Vol. 3 No. 8  April 2012.

 John M. Mwaruvie, “The Ten Mile Coastal Strip: An Examination of the Intricate nature of Land Question at the Kenyan Coast.” In International Journal of Humanities and Social Science. Vol. I, No. No.20; (December), 2011

 John M. Mwaruvie “Access and Opportunity for Lifelong Learners” in Amutabi Maurice and Oketch, Moses (Eds), Perspectives on Lifelong Learning in  Africa. Lewiston: Edwin Mellen Press, 2009. ISBN13 978-0-7734-4757-8

John M. Mwaruvie “The Political Economy of Railway Construction  in Kenya, 1895- 1930.” In Amutabi Maurice (Ed.) Studies in the Economic History of Kenya: Land, Water, Railways, Education and Entrepreneurshi.Lewiston: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2009. ISBNN10:0-7734-3907-2
ISBN13:978-0-7734-3907-8 2010

John M. Mwaruvie‘Resurrecting the “Lunatic Line”: An Examination of the place and Performance of Kenya Railways in the Political Economy of Post Colonial Kenya.’ In Maarifa Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Moi University Vol. 3 No. 1 (2009): 67 - 81   

John M. Mwaruvie, “Mission of Church in Africa: Peacemaking and Restorative Justice” in Reconciliation through Justice and Peace. AFER Vol. 50, Nos. 3 & 4. (September – December) 2008: 266-283.

John M. Mwaruvie, “Kenya’s ‘Forgotten’ Engineer and Colonial Proconsul: Sir Percy Girouard and Departmental Railway Construction in Africa, 1896 – 1912,” Canandian Journal of History Vol 41, Number 1 (Spring-Summer), 2006: 1-22.

John M. Mwaruvie, “Political party cooperation in post election as a mechanism to defuse ethnic crisis: The case of Kenya. In Ethno-net, UNESCO Publication, 1999.

John M. Mwaruvie, “Ethnic Imbalance in African Nation States: A Challenge to ideals of Nationalism and Democracy” in Ogot B.A (ed) Ethnicity Nationalism and Democracy in Africa (Kisumu: Institute of Research and Post Graduate Studies, Maseno University, 1996).


John M. Mwaruvie.  Ewart Scott Grogan and Politics of RailwayDevelopment in Kenya: The Case of Uasin Gishu Railway, 1901-1930. Berlin:Dudweiler, 2010. ISBN 978-3-639-29006-6     

John. Mwaruvie. Pre-Colonial Mbeere Economy: Coping Strategies in a harsh Environment. LAMBERT Academia Publishing, 2011. ISBN 978-3-8465-5619-1.                                                                                                       


John M. Mwaruvie“The Tale of two railways to Mumias: An examination of hidden hand of Powerbrokers.” In MAARIFA Moi University Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences.  

John. M. Mwaruvie, “Mixed African Response to Labor demands for the construction of the Uasin Gishu Railway, 1921-1925, “International Journal of African Historical Studies.


Moi University Graduate Student Research Grant (1990, 1991)

Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Graduate/Doctoral Student Travel Assistance to attend ASA Conference (2002)

Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Graduate/Doctoral Student Travel Assistance to present a conference paper at Sweet Blair College (2002)

Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Graduate/Doctoral Student Travel Assistance to present a paper at ASA Conference (2003)

Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Graduate/Doctorate Student Travel Assistance to present a conference paper Montclair University (2002)

Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Doctoral Student Research Program Assistance (2003)

Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Graduate/Doctoral Student Travel Assistance to present a paper at ASA conferences (2004)

William E. Vehse Endowment for Graduate Student Travel to Attend ASA Conference (2004)

Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Doctoral Student Research Program Assistance (2004)

The Rebecca Donally and Henry E. Thornburg Doctoral Award (2004)

Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Staff Development Grant (2005)



“Mau Mau Trench And Villagisation: British Desperate Methods Of Contain Mau Mau Liberation Movement 1952- 1960” Paper presented at International Conference  On Mau Mau And Other Liberation Movements,
Karatina University 05/December, 2013

“Water Resource Use of the White Nile a potential for Conflic” paper presented during 1st International Conference on Natural Resources on the Theme Natural Resources, Conflict and Peace. Karatina University, 25th to 28th July, 2012.

“The Place of the Church in Peace building and Restorative Justice in Africa” paper presented in a workshop organized by GABA Publication, AMECEA Eldoret 30 April  May, 2008.

“Resurrecting the “Lunatic Line”. An examination of the place and performance of the Kenya Railways in the political economy of Kenya.” Paper presented during HAK Conference at Lake Baringo Lodge, May 2004.

“Powerbrokers, Parliamentarians and Railway development in Kenya: The case of George Lioyd, John Norton Griffins and the construction of the Uasin Gishu Railway, 1910-1925.” Paper presented during the 47th Annual Meeting of African Studies Association, November 11-14, 2004 at Marriott Hotel, New Orleans.

“The Clash of interests and Policies: The Colonial Office, the Colonial State, Magadi Soda Company and alienation of 1000 acres of Maasai land at Ngong.” Paper presented during the 46th Annual Meeting of African Studies Association, October 30-November 2, 2003, Sheraton Hotel Boston.                     

Secret Associations and Political Mobilization in  Kenya: The Mbeere example.” Paper presented at Sweet Briar College on the theme Secrecy: Histories and Publics, March 15-17 2002.

Mali ya Uma Culture and the genesis of mismanagement of public resources in Africa” Paper presented at Montclair University on the theme: Internalists and Externalists in African Development. Paper

The Second World War and the development of political and cultural consciousness among war veterans: The case of Bildad Mwagiru Kaggia. Paper presented at Sienna College on the Theme Second World War, June 6-7, 2002.

“Strangled Government that could have mobilized Local Resources for Rural Development: The role of County Councils in Kenya”. Paper presented at HAK Conference on the Theme Missed Opportunities in Development: Kenya since the 1955; at Asis Hotel Eldoret-Kenya 2nd -7th July 1998.

“The place of secret societies in Rural Democratization: The case of Mbeere of Eastern Kenya” paper presented at the 7th PAAA Conference at the University of Ghana-Legon, September 1997.

“The Dilemma of Decentralized Economic Planning in a Centralized Political System. A Kenyan Case”. Paper presented at OSSREA Conference on the theme: Assessment of Social, Economic and Political Development in Africa since 1960 at Bongo Hotel, Kitale Kenya, July 1996.

“Integrating children with Disabilities in Normal Schools as a way of promoting acceptability by society. The Kenyan experience, paper presented at ISCHE XVII Conference on Schooling in Changing Societies, at Kracow Pedagogical University Poland, August 1996.

“Experimenting on Ethnic Integration in Urban Centres as basis for National Integration in Plural Societies: The Kenyan experience”. Paper presented at 6th PAAA Conference on theme: Ethnicity and Urban Integration. At UNISA Pretoria South Africa September 1996.

“From Theory to Practice: The Dilemma of Social Science lecturer in a changing society: The Kenyan experience.” Paper read at the First International Conference of SAECPA on the theme: Human Rights in Education: From the Constitutional Drawing Board, to the Chalkboard, at Karu Safari Hotel Rusterburg, Pretoria University October 1996.

“Indigenous Labour Organization among the Mbeere of Eastern Kenya: Lessons for modern enterprises” (Drawn from M.Phil Thesis) for HAK Conference, Kenyatta University, December 1996.

“Ethnic Imbalances in African Nation States: A Challenge to the ideals of Nationalism and Democracy”. Paper presented at UNESCO SPONSORED Conference on Ethnicity, Democracy and Nationalism in Africa, at Kericho Sunset Hotel, May, 1995.

“History: Could it be on its way to extinction in our institutions?” Paper presented at HAK Symposium on the theme: The Future of Social Sciences in Africa, At Egerton University Hotel Nairobi, October 1995.

“Empowering County Councils as basis for Rural Democratization and Social Change: A Kenyan Case”. Paper presented at the PAAA Conference on the theme: Anthropology and challenges and of Today (Environment, Governance and Health, at Garden Hostel Nairobi, October 1995.

“Crucifying historian on his own altar: The Role of History in a changing society” Departmental Seminar Paper, September 1993.


Member Finance, Planning and Development Committee (including PSSP) August 2006 – August 2008.
Member Undergraduate Academic Affairs  Committee 2006 – 2010.
Chairman Seminar and Publications Co-coordinator, History Department (1991-1999)
Member Examination and Timetabling Committee 1992 – 1996
Member Income Generating Committee -1998 – 2000
Chairman Staff Welfare – School of Social Cultural and Development Studies – 1997 – 2000


Chairman, Staff Reward and Remuneration Committee March 2011
PSSP Policy Committee
Karatina University Savings and Credit Cooperative Society 2012 to present
University College Tender Committee 2011 to present
Corruption Prevention Committee 2011 to present
CAB Representative,
Karatina University Council 2011to March 2013
Universiy Stratect planning Committee


1.         Economic History of Africa
2.         Economic History of Third World
3.         Issues in Africa Historiography
4.         Philosophy of History
5.         African Military History
6.         Politics and Government in South Africa
7.         Politics and Government in Kenya
8.         History of World Civilization
9.         World Diplomatic History
10.       Comparative Public Administration
11.       Local Government Management in Africa


As I studied for my doctorate, I served as Graduate Assistant from 2001-2005 and Coordinator of Africana Studies 2005-2006 and taught the following courses.

1. Western Civilization 1600 to present, 2001-Summer 2005

2. Introduction to Africana Studies, Fall 2005 and Spring, 2006

3. Seminar in Africana Studies Fall 2005 and Spring, 2006.


Have attended two workshops on Anti-Corruption Campaign organized by the National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steeling Committee.

Workshop on Public Procurement, Sponsored by Moi University and also at Karatina University

Workshop on Implementation of ISO 9000, Facilitated by Kenya Bureau of Standards and sponsored by Moi University.

Workshop on Quality Assurance Sponsored by Moi University.


1.         Historical Association of Kenya (HAK)
2.         Pan African Association of Anthropologists (PAAA)
3.         Organization of Social Sciences Research in Eastern African (OSSREA)
4.         Association of Third World Studies
5.         African Studies Association