Prof. Patrick W. Mathenge

Prof. Patrick Wachira Mathenge is the Dean, School of Agriculture and Biotechnology, Karatina University.

Postal ddress
School of Agriculture and Biotechnology
Karatina University

P.O. Box 1957 - 10101, KARATINA, KENYA.
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1992 Ben – Gurion University of the Negev, Israel Post-doctoral  certificate in Crops for Arid and Semi-arid Zones.
1987 – 1990: London University, Wye College – PhD Degree (Plant and Crop Physiology)
1981 – 1982: Reading University, United Kingdom – M.Sc. Degree Majoring in Crop/Plant Physiology
1976 – 1979: University of Nairobi, Faculty of Agriculture B.Sc. Agriculture.
1979 – 1982: Agricultural Research Officer, with the responsibility Of Agronomy of Cereals and Legumes Grown in Arid and Semi-arid Parts of Kenya, Ministry of Agriculture. (KARI-Katumani – National dry lands research centre).
1982 – 1984: Senior Research Officer, Ministry of Agriculture.
Working in the Agronomy, Physiology and Seed Production of Cereal and Legume Crops of ASAL Areas of Kenya.(KARI-Katumani - National dry lands research centre ).
1985 – 1987: Tutorial Fellow/Lecturer Moi University, Forestry Department, taught undergraduate students For two years before embarking on PhD studies. Causes taught included Plant/Crop Physiology and Plant Environmental Ecology.
1988 – 1992: Lecturer, Moi University, courses taught:- Crop/plant Physiology, Plant Environmental Ecology, Plant Anatomy and Morphology
1997-2004   Project coordinator - MHO seed science - funded by the Government of the Netherlands
1993 – 2004:   Senior Lecturer, Moi University.
2004  Associate Professor, Moi university Crop/Plant and Seed Biology and Physiology -: Teaching undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral students
1995 –2003:   Head, Department of Crop Production and Seed Technology, Moi University.
1998 – 2000:   Acting founder Head, Horticulture Department. Under the resources of the department of Crop Production and seed technology.
2002- 2006   Project Coordinator for On-farm seed Science Project Funded by Rockefeller Foundation
1992-2008   Acted as Dean of School of Agricultural for several occasions
2008- 2010  Coordinator, School of Agriculture and biotechnology at Karatina University.Also assisting the Principal in administrative and academic duties.
October 2010 to date   Dean School of Agriculture and Biotechnology at Karatina University.

1979 – 1985:  Research Officer , Ministry of Agriculture.
Involved in agronomic and physiological studies of crop of ASAL areas of Kenya and the -Katumani). formulation of farmers extension packages, (KARI-katumani)

1982 – 1985 : Head of Agronomy Section.  Charged with the Responsibility of research activities and the Administration of more than 15 members of staff Within the Department,(KARI-Katumani).

1985 – 1987: Tutorial Fellow; Lecturing undergraduate students, Moi University Forestry Department – Plant Physiology and Ecology.Commended as best Lecturer.

1987 – 1990:  PhD Research Fellow, University of London Wye College.  Research topics investigated Included: - Photoassimilates Partitioning, Stomata Physiology, Anatomy and Morphological Studies of beans.

1988 – 1992: Lecturer, Departments of Forestry.Teaching of both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

1993 – 2004: Senior Lecturer. Teaching both postgraduate and Undergraduate students supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate Students in their research projects.

2004 to date: Associate Professor, Moi University.Teaching Undergraduate and Postgraduate students. Research guidance for postgraduate Students(Masters and Doctoral)

1995 – To Jan. 2003:Head of Department of Crop Production and Seed Technology. Responsibilities include: Research, administration, teaching and supervision of research students.

2008-2010: Coordinator of the School of Agriculture & Biotechnology, Central Kenya Campus of Moi University. Also Examinations Coordinator

Oct. 2010- 2013: Ag. Dean, School of Agriculture & Biotechnology, Karatina  University.

2013 to date: Dean, School of Agriculture and Biotechnology, Karatina University

 + Head of Department  - Crop Production and Seed Technology, Chepkoilel Campus, Moi University, (1995- Jan 2003 ).
 + Member of Moi University Senate.  (1995 up to- Jan 2003 ), (2010-202013)
 + Hostel Warden, Moi University for nine years (1994 to 2003 ).
 + Member of Moi University Graduation and Ceremonies Committee (4 years).
 + Faculty representative Library and Bookshop Committee Moi University (1995 – 2001).
 + Faculty representative to Faculty of Science Board Meeting, Chepkoilel Campus, Moi University (1994 – 2001).
 + Chairman, Faculty Show Committee , Chepkoilel Campus, Moi University(1996 – 2001).
 + Co-ordinator/Supervisor, MHO Seed Technology Project, Chepkoilel Campus Moi University, (1995 to Jan. 2003).
 + Co-odinator/Supervisor, Rockefeller On-Farm Seed Production Project, Chepkolel Campus, Moi University, 2003-2006
 + Acting and founder Head, Horticulture Department, Chepkoilel Campus, Moi University (1997 – 2000).
 + Church Elder, Moi University, and Grace chapel for thirteen years .
 + Chairman, Space Allocation Committee, Chepkoilel Campus, Moi University (2000 to June, 2003).
 + Chairman, Building Committee, Chepkoilel Campus, Moi University (2001 to 2003)
 + Member of the University Student Disciplinary Committee, Moi University (!996-2003).
 + Faculty PSSP Coordinator, School of Agriculture, Chepkoilel Campus, Moi University (2004-2008)
 + Faculty Short Courses Coordinator, School of Agriculture, Chepkoilel Campus, Moi University ( 2004-2007)
 + Hostels Warden, Karatina university College (2009- 2011)
 + Examinations coordinator, Karatina University College
 + Member of Karatina University Senate staff welfare committee
 + Committee member of river Ragati water users association (RARUWA) and Chairman of the Finance Committee
 + Examination Coordinator, Karatina University College, September 2008 to 2011
 + Dean, School of Agriculture and Biotechnology, Karatina University College  (November, 2010 to date)
 + Chairman, Karatina university Research policy formulation Committee, 2012
 + Chairman, Karatina University Fees structure committee,2011
 + Chairman, Karatina University Intellectual Properties Rights , Field attachment and Field courses Policies Committee
 + Member of Karatina University Senate staff welfare committee
 + Member of Karatina University Quality Assurance committee
 + Member, Karatina University Tender Committee
 + Member, Karatina University Anti-Corruption Committee
 + Member, Karatina University Marketing Committee
 + Chairman, Research Policy, Committee, Karatina University
 + Chairman, Security and Transport committee during various university functions
 + Ag. Director, Directorate, Postgraduate Studies, Karatina University
 + Acted on several occasions in DVC (ARSA’s) office

Some of the seminars I have attended are listed below: -
1981: Workshop on Dry land Farming and Research In Kenya, Katumani Machakos, Kenya.
1985: Seminar on the role of a Science and Technology in a University. Moi University, Kenya.
1988: Workshop on Advances in Research on Photoassimilate Partitioning – Edinburgh, Scotland.
1995: First Kenya Agro forestry Workshop, Muguga, Kenya.
1996: Teaching of Farming Systems in Schools and Institutions of High Education in Kenya. Mombasa, Kenya.
1996: East Africa Soil Science Society Workshop. Nanyuki, Kenya.
1998: International Seed Testing Agency Congress, Pretoria, South Africa.
1998: Seminar/Workshop on Seed Production and Certification, Eldoret, Kenya.
1999: Seed Marketing and Policy Issues in Eastern Africa, ASARECA and Rockefeller, Nairobi.
2000: Informal Seed Production: A case of small seed Industries, Kakamega.
2000: East African Plant Genetic Resources Workshop, Nairobi
2000: Seed Marketing and Policy issues in Eastern Africa, ASARECA and Rockefeller, Nairobi
2001: East African Plant Genetic Resources Initiative Workshop, Nairobi
2001: International Seed Testing Agency Congress, Angers, France
2002:  East African Plant Genetic Resources Initiative Workshop, Eldoret, Kenya
2002: Kenya Seed Industry at Crossroads:  Stakeholders’ Workshop Nakuru, Kenya
2002: Workshop on Indigenous Plant Conservation in Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya
2002: East and Central Africa Bean Network Workshop, Kakamega, Kenya.
2003: Workshop on reasons for declining yields of maize in Transzoia District, Kitale, May-2003
2003: Stakeholders Workshop on Seed Production, Nakuru
2003: Biennial Congress and workshops of the African Crop Science Society, Nairobi: Oct. 2003
2005: 1st Moi university annual conference
2006: 2nd Moi University annual conference
2007: 3rd Moi University annual coference
2009: Stakeholders workshop on development of Tea training curriculum, Karatina University College
2009: Workshop on student Leadership training, October, 2009, Ibis hotel, Karatina.
2010: Assessment of Tea training needs, Tea Board of Kenya, Nairobi
2011: Quality Assurance in higher education at university worshop, Nairobi, Kenya, May 2011
2012: workshop to formulate Karatina university College strategic Plan. Green Hills Hotel, Nyeri. 16th-18th February 2012.
2012: Workshop in “Quality Assurance in Higher Education: Self Assessment at Programme level” 22nd to 23rd may,2012, Nairobi, Kenya
2012: Formulation of Tea science curriculum for short courses, certificates and postgraduate diploma. 4th to 7th June, 2012
2012: Gender Mainstreaming Workshop, 5th July, 2012
2012: 1st InternationalConference on Natural Resources: Natural Resources, Conflict and peace, 25th-28th July, 2012, Karatina University
2012: 1st International Conference on Natural Resources held at Karatina University College, 25th to 28th July, 2012
2012:Agricultural Biotechnology in Kenya, Work shop held at AICAD, JKUAT, 13th to 14th August, 2013.
2012: African, Green Revolution Forum, held at Arusha, Tanzania, 27th to 29th September, 2012
2012: NEPAD – African Biosafety Network of Expertise (ABNE) Workshop, 26th to 27th September, 2012
2012: Workshop in “Quality Assurance in Higher Education: Self Assessment at Programme level”, CHE Head Office, Nairobi
2012: DAAD 2nd International workshop on “ Innovative Approaches for balancing Land Use and Nature Conservationon Trans-National Scale”.  22nd to 25th October, 2012
2013: Occupational Health Hazard and safety measuresensitization workshop, 20th February. 2013. KaratinaUniversity.
2013:Stakeholders workshop for Curriculum development in BSc. Food Science and Nutrition  and Dietetics, April 18th to 20th, 2013, Green Hills Hotel, Nyeri.
2013: International Conference on Mau Mau and other Liberation And other liberation Movements, Karatina  University, 5th- 7th December, 2013
2014: Workshop on review and formulation of Agricultural Economics and Resource Management and Extension Curricula,Green Hills Hotel, October, 2014
2014: International Conference on Tea Science and Development. Karatina University,23th-27th September, 2014

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Wambugu, P.W., Mathenge, P.W. 2012. Farmers Seed Production of Maize in Western Kenya. ISBN- 978-3-8473-1265-9. Lambert Academic Publishing

1. Rockefeller Research Grant of $70,000 in 2000- On-farm seed production
2. CIAT (Eastern Africa Bean Research Network), 2001, 2002- $6,000
3. Overseas Development Agency (Britain) for PhD research studies, 1987-1990
4.  Food and Agricultural Organization of UN for Masters degree research in Britain- 1981-1982.     

1. FAO MSc. Studies Fellowship at Reading University, UK from 1981-1982
2. ODA PhD fellowship at London University, Wye College, from 198 to 1990.
3. Israel Government Two months Fellowship to study Dry land Crops.

Member of the African Crop Science Society
Member of East African Crop Science Society

On Farm Seed Production in Maize and Beans in Western Kenya: Work being funded by the Rockefeller Foundation where I am the Principal Research Scientist. Funds awarded is US dollars 70,000. Two M.PHIL students are attached to this Project.
 + Snap Bean Research
 + Seed quality research in some indigenous vegetables (funded by IPGRI and Seed For Life Project – KEW Gardens).
 + Crop research and food security in ASAL of Kenya
 + Plant/ crop environmental behaviour and climate change